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Quality Standards

Phoenix Hospital Group is committed to providing the highest standard of patient care. We ensure that we maintain our impressive quality standards through rigorous frameworks, both complying with regulated standards (such as inspection by the CQC) and going above and beyond regulations to voluntarily participate in schemes that help us continuously improve our care.

The following provides an insight to the initiatives we have chosen to introduce to ensure the highest standards of safety.

Universal Preassessment

Our universal preassessment system is a fundamentally important component in ensuring the highest levels of quality and safety possible. Preassessment is available to patients online for free. It helps us to detect any potential issues or complications before patients come into hospital. This means their journey is as smooth and efficient as possible and delays are minimised as their clinicians are better prepared. Our preassessment system also provides patients with a greater sense of reassurance as they can voice any concerns or queries they may have.

Phoenix Hospital Group is committed to pioneering new ways to continually improve patient care, illustrated by our role as the first private hospital to institute a universal online anaesthetic preassessment system.

Audits, registries and research

We participate in all the audits we can and regard it as a crucial stage in measuring and improving the quality of our care. For example, we submit data to the Breast and Cosmetic Implant Registry (BCIR).

As a private healthcare provider, we are not permitted to submit data to some national audits and registries. Not content with simply participating in certain audits, we welcome the opportunity to participate in more and to submit our data in the same way the NHS does. We’re passionate about this and have campaigned for regulators to institute these changes.

We are also passionate about improving patient care through research. This is why we participate in research studies, such as the recent NAP6 study on Perioperative Anaphylaxis.

The Patient Experience Group

We have a dedicated Patient Experience Group which meets monthly to analyse all the latest patient feedback we have received. It looks to identify any opportunities for improvement in the experience and service offered to patients. It shows that despite such high levels of patient satisfaction, we refuse to become complacent and retain a strong focus on continual improvement.

We are also proud of the number of patients who choose to come back to us; this is testament to the exceptional care they receive.

Working with partners

We seek to engage with government, regulators and others to improve standards. We listen to our consultants and review research, making changes when necessary. We have asked for private healthcare to not only share all data with the NHS but to be measured identically and reported in the same way.

By increasing the sense of continuity across the healthcare industry, we believe clinicians would be better informed, gain better insight to their patients’ medical history, and consequently improve safety.

Continuous improvement

Phoenix Hospital Group continuously strives for improvement. Our recent introduction of blood sciences and our upcoming intensive care help to ensure we can manage all patient outcomes and give out patients and their relatives the confidence of preparedness, safety, and cutting-edge medicine.