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Health Screening

Health screening, providing individualised preventative medicine.

At Phoenix Hospital Group, we aim to provide  comprehensive Health screening choices, whilst avoiding unnecessary tests and expense. Our Health Screening packages can help you improve your health and identify problems early.  If any onward tests or management are needed, your care can be seamlessly referred to our Specialist Consultants.

All medical screening tests have strengths and limitations, thus the packages we offer are a guide only and our Doctors will discuss your individual case with you to adopt a personalised medicine approach and recommend the investigations most suitable for you.

If you have a particular concern, such as a prostate or bowel issue, our specialist doctors can arrange specific assessments to review those individual worries. These concerns may have arisen because of your family history or a specific symptom you are experiencing. Examples of this type of appointment include, specific cancer checks e.g prostate, bowel issues or sleep issues.

Benefits of Phoenix Health Screening:

  • Peace of mind with same day appointments
  • Health Screening by expert doctors
  • State of the art advanced scanning facilities
  • Outstanding service
  • Screening report and a follow up call provided
  • Seamless referral to Specialist Consultants if required

Comprehensive Health Screening

Our extensive range of screening packages will provide you with a full assessment of your health and well-being. Conducted by experienced private screening GPs and supplemented with world class diagnostic equipment, our packages are designed to detect most major illness and conditions. Ranging from the 45 minute Health Essential to the 5 hour Health Complete our packages are fully personalised depending on how in depth you wish to evaluate your health. Please see below for further details on each package.


Corporate Well-being

A healthy workforce is paramount to a successful business. To assist with this a personalised employee health screening programme can be fully tailored to fit your companies needs.


Whole-body Cancer Screen

An advanced, non-invasive MRI exam that provides early diagnosis of cancer throughout the body. This health assessment is specifically design for the prevention and early detection of cancer in currently healthy people.


Patient Feedback

  • Thank you for your help on Monday – it was a pleasure meeting you, you were so helpful in making our day go seamlessly.

  • Thank you for the service provided to my client. He was very complimentary about the whole experience. I particularly liked the fact that the actual tests reflected the consultation your Doctor held with him.

  • Just a quick line to say thank you for looking after my client, he spoke very well of the whole experience.

  • Many thanks Fernanda for the health screening, excellent service.

  • I am extremely happy with the service and the staff were amazing, thanks again and have a lovely evening.

  • Thank you for the report and service provided – I hope I will look forward to reading the report.

  • I didn’t expect to be attended to at all times so I was pleasantly surprised at the level of attention I was given.

  • Very professional yet friendly atmosphere. The explanations given for each and every health test that I took was very precise and given in simple language which made it easy for a non-medical person like myself to understand. The Doctors and Nurses made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole process which made the experience more relaxing.

  • The place had a good vibe to it - it didn’t feel clinical or like a hospital at all. This made the visit more relaxing and less scary for me.

  • The structure of the medical report was very clear and I didn’t have to refer back to the Doctors for further explanation.

  • Overall, it was a good experience and I would recommend the place and service to others.

  • Thank you, the service was very good


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