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Going Home

Going Home & Aftercare

Your consultant or nursing team will inform you when you can leave the hospital. There are a number of administrative processes which require completion to assist in your departure. Before you leave, your nursing team will arrange any medication or follow up appointments which may be required. Your consultant and nursing team will advise you on any ongoing care before departure, but please speak to a member of the nursing team if you have any questions before you leave.


Before leaving the hospital, please report to main reception where a member of the reception team will confirm your discharge. Any invoices for telephone calls, visitor meals, or other personal services will need to be settled on departure. Please note that departure time is 10am on the day of discharge.


We advise you to arrange for a family member or friend to drive you home from the hospital. If you would like any help with this prior to leaving the hospital, please let a member of the nursing team know. We are also happy to arrange a local taxi. If you have any concerns or queries once you have left the hospital, please do not hesitate to call and ask for the Senior Nurse, who will be more than happy to help you.

Your comments

We encourage you to complete our independently audited patient satisfaction questionnaire, as well as raise any concerns with any member of the hospital team. It is through the continuous evaluation of patient comments and suggestions that we are able to measure and improve upon our service. The questionnaire will be issued during your stay. All information will remain anonymous unless you would like us to respond to your feedback.



Download our patient satisfaction survey

If you didn’t manage to complete our Patient Satisfaction Survey, please feel free to download them here; you can either post it directly to the hospital, drop it off in person or alternatively email us.




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