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Physiotherapy is a treatment that aims to maximise your ability to move and function physically. You may require it to help the healing process after an injury, illness or surgery, or to increase your flexibility.

Physiotherapists typically provide treatments such as exercise, manual therapy, massage and acupuncture, which can help to increase your mobility. Our Physiotherapists can provide you with treatment when you need it most.

Our Services

Our team of clinicians are all highly skilled in delivering some of the best physiotherapy that is currently on offer in London. We believe foremost in an accurate diagnosis to ensure that you understand your injury, and secondly, a thorough treatment and rehabilitation plan to keep you motivated and on-track to full fitness and health. The combination of manual therapy and exercise that we offer is crucial to you getting the most out of your treatments with us and regaining your full function once again.

Within our 9 Harley Street Clinic we have in-house diagnostic imaging facilities as well as experienced Orthopaedic Consultants.


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