Cosmetic Foot Clinic

Mr Haroon Mann and Mr Ash Mosahebi run Twenty-five Harley Street’s Cosmetic Foot Clinic.

Designed for those who would like to address aesthetic issues connected with the feet and leg, treatment is often curative rather than simply cosmetic. Deformed toes and bunions will be unsightly to look at, but commonly will also rub on shoes, and cause a varying degree of discomfort and pain. However, women who wish to wear high heels and sandals, but are unable to because of problems with their feet will find help at Twenty-Five Harley Street’s Cosmetic Foot Clinic.

Mr Mann can also prescribe bespoke orthortics for high heels and sandals. Mr Mosahebi can use his considerable skill and experience in aesthetics and plastics to ensure the absolute best results.

Phone us on 020 3883 9525 to find out more, or email us at [email protected].

Curly toes
Hammer toes
Heel/ankle pain
Morton's neuroma
Ankle spur
Tendon disorder
Peels for the foot

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