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Gynaecological Procedures

Gynaecological Procedures

Women with busy lives can now access office gynaecology procedures that offer diagnosis and treatment at a clinic without the need for a hospital visit.

Procedures are carried out in treatment rooms rather than surgical theatres, and patients are awake, which reduces the risks of general anaesthesia and complications. Oral pain relief is given and sometimes local anaesthetic.

As well as being a safe and cost effective way to look after your health, treatments can be delivered faster, and recovery time is quicker.

Find out what’s wrong

Expert doctors can use ultra sound or a hysteroscopy technique – where the lining of the womb can be assessed by direct visualisation with a telescope (hysteroscope) and a small camera, to see if there’s any underlying causes for symptoms such as pain and bleeding.

Fibroid removal

MyoSure is a minimally-invasive treatment for fibroid removal and polyps. If not treated, sufferers can experience painful periods and heavy bleeding, along with a constant need to empty the bladder, which can disrupt sleep.

The great benefit of this procedure is that your gynaecologist can remove the fibroid during an examination, as they gain access to it via the vagina, and use a specially designed surgical instrument to remove the fibroid or polyp. The procedure allows women to go home the same day, where they’ll need to rest for a few days.

Endometrial Ablation

As an effective treatment for heavy and painful periods, endometrial ablation offers an alternative to hysterectomy. It involves treating just the womb lining rather than removing the whole womb. NovaSure Endometrial Ablation uses a rapid delivery (Maximum 120 seconds) of controlled radio frequency energy with a measured scientific end point to ensure safe and reliable ablation.

This is a very quick treatment that on average takes 90 seconds. There’s no requirement for pre-treatment or scheduling with the menstrual cycle. Patients recover for up to 2 hours most afterwards, and leave within 30 minutes with simple painkillers.

Treatment for vaginal dryness

MonaLisa Touch, is a new innovative laser treatment designed to alleviate symptoms of vaginal atrophy. These more intimate symptoms tend to occur during menopause, but can happen at any time in a woman’s life. They include, pain during sex, vaginal dryness and inflammation, urinary incontinence and vaginal laxity, but a remedy can improve your everyday quality of life.

The treatment uses a special carbon dioxide (CO2) laser, which applies gentle laser energy to the vaginal walls. It does this in small dots meaning that only a small percentage of vaginal tissue is directly affected by the laser. This CO2 laser causes the production of new collagen and rehydrates and tightens the mucosa (membrane lining) of the vaginal wall.

It is a very quick and painless procedure. The entire process can be as quick as 5 minutes, and you’ll be able to leave the clinic the same day. You should start seeing improvements in your symptoms after one treatment, but it’s recommended that you have a course of three treatments over 18 weeks to experience the full benefits.