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Treating fibroids

Do you suffer from fibroids or polyps that cause heavy periods? Fibroids are an issue for many women – the incidence increases in the years prior to the menopause. The consultants at Twenty-five Harley Street are expert in the latest, most pain-free and minimally-invasive techniques of fibroid removal. The procedures are performed in minutes, and recovery times are fast. You can walk in to the clinic and walk out of the clinic in the same day.

How are the fibroids and polyps removed?

By using a specially designed camera (a hysteroscope), the doctor can identify the fibroids and polyps to be removed. By using specially-designed equipment (the MyoSure system), the fibroids and polyps can gently be removed without disturbing the surrounding tissue. As these procedures can be performed in treatment rooms, rather than in theatre and no general anaesthetic is required, they are often referred to as office gynaecology.

The safest method of removing fibroids and polyps

Office gynaecology is the safest option for polyp and fibroid removal, It doesn’t use general anaesthesia, reducing the risks which this brings and reduces the risk of complications. Patients take painkillers an hour or two prior to the procedure.

The most expert and experienced surgeons for office gynaecology

Mr Francis Gardner has the most experience of performing office gynaecology with MyoSure in Europe and has performed more than 1500 procedures. Research has shown his patients report minimal discomfort from the procedures.

Should you consider office gynaecology?

If you suffer from heavy periods and you’re looking for a treatment that is effective, with less downtime and minimal risk, office gynaecology is definitely worth talking to your doctor about. It‘s important you consult a gynaecologist with experience in office gynaecology, who can assess if you are a suitable candidate. Once this is established, the procedure can be booked. You can walk into the clinic and walk out again in the same day.