Body Scan for Fitness

Body Composition Scan

Body Composition Scan for Fitness

Two body composition scans £220


DEXA, which stands for Dual Energy X-ray, is cutting-edge technology exactly calculates how much fat and lean mass you’re carrying.

Our state of the art DEXA scanner with ‘Advanced Body Composition’ software, can provide a true picture of the total fat in your body. This ultra-precise scanner was initially developed to diagnose osteoporosis. However, athletes and trainers have realised its benefits. It is vastly superior to other tracking methods, including weighing and fat measuring.

Research has shown the optimum, and ranges of body fat, that you need for individual sports to perform at your best. For instance, at competition time male bodybuilders will aim for less than 10 per cent body fat, cyclists around 8-10 per cent, and swimmers 12-15 per cent. A DEXA body composition can reveal the total amount of fat and more:

  • Are you looking to get a true picture of your fitness?
  • Would you like to track changes when you start a fitness regime?
  • Do you want to discover whether you are carrying visceral adipose tissue – the kind of dangerous fat implicated in a range of illnesses, such as heart disease and stroke?
  • Are you curious to see how you shape up to people of the same age and sex?

The DEXA scan reveals how it’s distributed around your body, allowing you to appropriately target training. The DEXA scan will also give you a ‘body fat ranking’, which will rank your body’s fat compared to a UK population. This way you can see how you shape up to people of the same age and sex.

By choosing this package, you will have the opportunity to repeat the  DEXA scan and discover how effective your training programme has been.

This package, which includes two body composition scans with reports you can take away is £220


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