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Why Have Vaginal Rejuvenation?

It’s a delicate subject, but then, it’s a delicate area.

If you’ve ever wondered why women choose to have vaginal rejuvenation, you might have assumed it had something to do with improving the appearance.

In fact, women are opting for vaginal rejuvenation to improve sex and health. Vaginal atrophy – when the vaginal walls thin and dry out – is a widespread problem for women from the age of 45 onwards. It can mean uncomfortable sex, itching and stress incontinence.  Anyone who has been through this will know the effect it can have on daily life – and night-times too.

As we reach our more mature years, we produce less oestrogen. And anyone who has experienced this will know how this can affect the body, and the impact it has on sexual enjoyment. Help is at hand, though. The Mona Lisa Touch Laser provides laser therapy with a gentle touch that can help to relieve the symptoms of the menopause, and other health problems too.

What is the MonaLisa Touch?

The MonaLisa Touch is a laser treatment that delivers fractional CO2 laser energy to the vaginal area. It can be done in minutes, and you can walk into the clinic, and walk out again afterwards. It’s pain-free (aside from a slight tingling sensation). Many report improvements after one session of MonaLisa Touch, although three are recommended to fully benefit. After that, it’s suggested you book in annually for a session.

MonaLisa Touch means better sex

The symptoms of vaginal atrophy – burning, itching, discomfort and even pain during intercourse can make sex so difficult that it can bring your sex life to an end – or at best, a rare and uncomfortable event. While you can use vaginal moisturisers, this only works for a short while. Taking oestrogen in pill form can involve greater risks than using the cream. Oestrogen cream, applied to the vagina means that you have less oestrogen going into your bloodstream. MonaLisa Touch®, is regarded as a ‘game changing’ laser treatment, that reshapes and regenerates the atrophied vaginal tissue, restoring it to better health. This means that you will feel less – if any – discomfort during sex. And because of the reshaping benefits, sex may be better than it has been for a while. The results of one study of the effects of this revolutionary treatment showed improvements of 90% in vaginal laxity (loose, not firm), 84% in vaginal burning, 76% in dryness and 72% in pain during sex, after 3 sessions of MonaLisa Touch®.

Less vaginal itching

Vaginal Itching is a problem that many women have experienced as a result of vaginal atrophy. The same study into the effects of MonaLisa Touch®, showed an 85% improvement in vaginal itching, something that many women experience. The reason women itch more ‘down there’, is because the tissue becomes more fragile and loses mucosal elasticity. This can be particularly troublesome during lovemaking. The MonaLisa Touch laser stimulates the collagen in the vaginal walls restoring the tissue and allowing its natural lubrication to be produced once more.

MonalLisa Touch and lichen sclerosus

If you are a woman who suffers from lichen sclerosus you’ll want to find out more about MonaLisa Touch. This relatively rare condition causes thin white crinkly patches on the skin and can affect anyone, but seems to be particularly problematic for women. You can develop lichen sclerosus anywhere on the body, but it’s often found in the vagina and the vulva areas. It causes itching, and can also be sore if the skin cracks. The scar tissue created by Lichen sclerosus can tighten the skin, making sex uncomfortable. There’s also growing evidence that treatment with The MonaLisa Touch may benefit lichen stenosis, a skin condition the largely affects the skin in the genital region.

No more ‘whoops!’ moments

Since celebrities such as Kate Winslet and Carol Smillie have spoken out about stress incontinence it has become less of a taboo subject. The fact is, pregnancy and childbirth take their toll on the pelvic floor, which weakens anyway due to tissue becoming lax as we age. Most women will identify with those ‘whoops!’ moments – when you lose control of your bladder while laughing or coughing. Trampolining becomes a no-go activity.  Stress incontinence is a condition that affects over one million women in the UK. This problem becomes more common with age, with about one in five women dealing with this problem.  The MonaLisa Touch improves tissue tone and elasticity in the walls of the vagina by stimulating the growth of new healthy tissue. As the front of the vagina supports the detrusor muscle, the MonaLisa Touch treatment can improve tissue tone, strength and elasticity – and lessen stress incontinence.

More self-confidence

A generation ago women went from being young to old, almost overnight. Now, as we head into our forties, fifties and beyond, we are living our lives to the full. Women are exercising, looking after their skin, and sometimes using cosmetic surgery  – we look good on the outside, so why shouldn’t we feel just as fabulous on the inside? MonaLisa Touch is not a cosmetic procedure, but it can make you feel amazing.  One lasting benefit of the MonaLisa Touch laser treatment is the increased self-confidence that women can enjoy, knowing that they can carry on enjoying an important part of their lives, free from discomfort and pain.

It is important that MonaLisa Touch is performed by specialists with advanced expertise in the treatment of vulval and vaginal disorders.

The consultant gynaecologists at Twenty-five Harley Street day clinic are all trained in MonaLisa Touch.