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Special Offer for DEXA

Body Composition Scan Offer

  • Are you planning on losing weight after Christmas?
  • Do you want to fully understand where you need to lose weight?
  • Are you an athlete who wishes to have an accurate picture of body composition?

The DEXA machines (DXA)  at Twenty-five Harley Street are the most advanced available. Professor David Reid is the leading expert in DEXA analysis in the UK.

DEXA is short or dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry.

Included in your scan is an expert report from Professor Reid, will give a detailed and thorough analysis of your bone health which spans the next ten years

The DEXA scanners at 25 Harley Street are equipped with the ‘Advanced Body Composition’ software to provide a reading of the total fat in the trunk area of your body.

The DEXA ‘Core Scan’ option is also available, which pinpoints whether this fat is visceral fat – the fat that clogs up the internal organs such as the liver, pancreas and intestines – risk factors for diabetes, heart disease and cancer rise.

With these readings, you can discuss how to reduce your risk with lifestyle changes or medications.

What is DEXA?

This fast, super-accurate state of the art scanner can give an incredibly revealing snapshot of your health and wellbeing within minutes.

Our advanced DEXA scanners can reveal:

  • Your real bone age
  • Whether you’re at risk of osteoporosis
  • The exact measurement of fat, muscle and bone in your body

How much does a DEXA scan cost?

A DEXA scan at Twenty-five Harley Street usually costs £270. However, as a pre-Christmas offer, you can get a scan, along with a full DEXA report from Professor Reid for the special price of £150.

If you want to find out your bone density plus your body composition reading, along with Professor Reid’s expert analysis, this report is reduced from £450 to £299.

This offer is valid until the 21st of December 2017.