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Health screening for employees

Why is health screening important?

Can you remember the results of your last blood pressure or cholesterol test? Or when you ever went for a full health MOT? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Wrapped up in our busy lives, it’s often easier to ignore health niggles rather than struggle to get an appointment, and even when you do get to see a doctor, funding pressures can mean they’re limited to what blood screenings they can give you.

To encourage their employees to look after their health, the UK branch of car giant Volvo has been offering regular health screenings, including checks for common cancers as well as comprehensive physical assessments for management, and other companies are following suit.

A life was saved when an employee of Adidas UK developed a feeling of butterflies in the run up to a charity swim. She confessed she’d been having the uncomfortable sensation off and on for a while. Company health checks picked up a heart problem she didn’t know she had, which led to and surgery to insert stents.

Identifying what makes people stressed or sick

Data from health screenings is sometimes offered back to companies to help them identify any illness trends, so that problem areas within the business, which may be putting people under physical or mental strain can be remedied.  This may mean changing working conditions or sharing responsibilities.

Should wearable devices be used to monitor health?

The advent of wearable technology means people could be asked to wear gadgets that measure anything from heart rates to hormone levels, that may affect performance. Tesco is conducting a trial of wearables on small groups of employees, but the company bosses are aware of ethical issues around privacy, and as a result their schemes are voluntary.

Companies benefit from a healthy workforce

Nomura, the global investment bank, says its already recognised the benefits of offering its staff private healthcare. By using predictive models of an employee’s health, Nomura was able to save £3m on presenteeism — the cost to a company of an employee turning up for work but being unproductive — over two years, from 2015 to 2016.

At consultancy company, Accenture UK, employees are offered health assessments every five years. Tony Horan, head of human capital and diversity explains that, “We see through our own surveys that a fit and healthy workforce is an engaged workforce that is more innovative, more creative, and is going to deliver better outcomes for your clients.”

What does health screening involve?

At private clinic 25 Harley Street, in Central London, the team of doctors can provide a general health check to take stock of your wellness.  This is the perfect way to identify if there’s any changes you need to make in order to stay in shape. This involves:

  • Taking a family medical history
  • A full examination
  • Urine tests
  • ECG to measure your heartbeat
  • Blood tests

A plan for healthy living is then drawn up between you and your doctor, and further tests may be offered, which focus on the most common conditions. We not only want to identify disease but then work with you to manage and hopefully cure any condition we may find.

Targeted health screening

It may be that you feel you have early symptoms of a condition, such as a lump or bleeding, or worry that you are at risk of developing a condition due to a family history or lifestyle. If this is the case, we can offer specific tests that act as markers to conditions, from breast and ovarian cancer, gynaecological problems, to heart disease and diabetes.

As part of the screening process we will be able to calculate a risk score for you, so that you can have a guide to your health over the next decade, and so make any lifestyle or medical changes as necessary.

Bone health

Osteoporosis itself doesn’t cause any symptoms and most people find out they have it after a fracture.

Screening for osteoporosis is done by use of a risk assessment tool and, for some of the health screens a DEXA scan. Treatment can then be decided depending on the bone density (as measure by DEXA), the risk score and relevant history.

Which health screening is right for me?

Twenty-five Harley Street offers a range of packages, starting with an Essential Health Screen, which includes a heart check and a diabetes test as well as analysing likelihood of osteoporosis. All of our health screens include a 30 minute follow-up.

We also offer:

Essential Woman

Essential Woman 40 +

Essential Woman 50 +

Essential Man

Essential Man 40 +

Essential Man Men 50+

Sexual Health Screen