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Half price offer for blood tests

Our Essential Blood Test is down from £89– now it’s £40. It gives a full blood count (a profile of your blood cells, such as red blood cells, vital for carrying oxygen around the body), white blood cells (essential for the body’s immune system), and clotting cells (which control the bleeding mechanism).  This test also looks for markers involved in the function of kidney, liver, heart and bone health, as well as cholesterol levels.

Our baseline blood test is down from £40 to £20. It includes tests for key biomarkers for liver and kidney health, a full lipid profile for cholesterol, HbA1c for diabetes as well as tests for bone health, gout and iron.

Our Well Man and Well Woman tests are also reduced.

The Well Woman check is reduced from £129 to £60. This includes blood health – such as iron and ferritin, plus bone, liver, kidney, heart function as well as diabetes and anaemia. Well Woman Check

Checks on blood health, plus bone, liver, kidney, heart function as well as diabetes and anaemia.

Well Woman Ultravit

All the usual checks on health function, plus hormone and vitamin levels is down from £169 to £80.

Female Mini Hormone check for £79 to £35. This mini-check tests looks for hormones which can influence your chances of conceiving, your menstrual cycle and menopause. Includes Follicle Stimulating Hormone, LH  (Luteinising Hormone) and  Oestradiol and Prolactin.

Well Man Check

The Well Man Blood Check is down to £129 from £60.

This is an all-over check  which encompasses blood count, kidney, liver, heart, bone and cholesterol. This also includes checks for inflammation.

The Well Man UltraVit is slashed from £169 to £80. This check-up, including blood count, liver health, kidney function, bone health, gout, diabetes, iron levels, as well as ferritin, vitamin B12, folate, vitamin D, thyroid function and an advanced prostate profile. Testosterone vital for muscle mass and sex drive is also tested.

Male Hormone Mini-check is reduced from £79.00 to £35.

This checks to see that male hormones are functioning as they should be.

This test checks for Testosterone + prolactin + SHBG + Free Testosterone Index (FTI).

Fatigue Check

All of the usual health checks, including iron levels.

From £169 to £85.

Fatigue Check Plus

This is our most comprehensive package  containing a full blood count and tests for liver and kidney function, iron status, diabetes, cholesterol and inflammation.

It also includes tests for thyroid function as well as key nutrients vitamin D and Ferritin, B12 and folate.

This is down from £189 To £95.

Thyroid Check

Tests levels of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) and free thyroxine (FT4).

Down from £79 to £35.