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Fitness foods delivered to your desk

Realise your fitness and diet goals

Most of us would agree that even when you have a goal in sight that is worth embarking on a healthy diet for – that school reunion, wedding day, beach holiday, it’s easy for good intentions to fall by the wayside when you’re stuck in a meeting or tired at the end of a long day.

Leading clinical and sports dietitian Rick Miller is supporting a new trend that sees bespoke healthy meals being delivered to a person’s home or office, which are tailored to the individual health and fitness goals they want to achieve.

Rick Miller is championing companies such as London-based Fresh Fitness Food, which aims to provide good tasting food, fitness goals and a meal delivery service all rolled into one.

Jared Williams started the company because he was passionate about food and wanted to live a healthy lifestyle but felt frustrated that it seemed impossible to get good quality, convenient food when he was working as a busy city lawyer.

Helps you stick to a healthy eating plan

‘It’s often the hours when we’re busy at work where the temptations to eat unhealthily creep in,’ says Jared Williams. ‘This is when we’re most likely to slip up, because there’s a vending machine with sugary snacks and drinks or someone’s brought a cake into the office and is insisting you have a slice. Having tasty food delivered to your office is convenient and keeps you on track.’

The bespoke service aims to fit in with your lifestyle, so you’re invited to first choose a goal, so whether you are looking to build lean muscle, reduce body fat or simply feel healthier and more energised, you select the package that best describes what you are trying to achieve.

A team of nutritionists then design your bespoke meal plan taking your tastes, lifestyle and goals into account, which are cooked up by a chef. For example, The Office Package, includes two meals, a cold drink and a snack, and starts from £20 a day.

The delivery service is flexible, so you choose how many meals you want and the days on which you want to receive food. ‘So it might be you get meals delivered to your home on a Monday, to your office in town on Wednesdays when you’re stuck in meetings, and to the gym on Thursday if that’s when you have a big workout session,’ explains Mr Williams.

‘I have a number of professional and corporate clients,’ says Mr Miller. ‘And this is an ideal service for them, as you know you are going to get good quality food at the right time and going to take the stress out of that day for the client, and I really like that.’

Let someone else do the number crunching

Anyone who has ever been on a diet will tell you that being precise with the amount of carbs, fat and protein you eat is what really makes a difference.

‘Having someone in the background who is doing that number crunching for you and who has worked with a someone like myself (a clinical and sports dietician), and made that approach even more bespoke, will make a huge difference to a person’s long-term health and maintaining their health and fitness,’ says Rick Miller.

Need help sticking to an eating regime?

So, if you have a big event on the horizon, be it a holiday or party, where you want to look and feel your best this may be motivation enough to get you eating healthily and exercising. But the hardest thing most of us find is maintaining this healthy lifestyle long-term.

‘The ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle, is what has the biggest implications for our future health and bones,’ adds Rick Miller.

Jared Williams says that two of the goals of his company, are:

  1. To make London the healthiest working city in the world.
  2. And to help people live longer.

Williams says many of his clients have been ordering meals from the company over a long period of time. ‘By signing up to a scheme, you have commitment and accountability, which gives you the impetus to be consistent and maintain this healthy lifestyle you’ve begun,’ he explains.

The new ‘gym’ membership

You may be used to hearing about employers throwing in a gym membership as part of the package to try and attract talented employees, but could investing in a subscription to a healthy food delivery service like this one be part of the perks in the future?

Rick Miller believes it would be a good investment for corporate firms to promote the wellbeing and productivity of their workforce.

‘From a fitness point of view, there’s body composition and there’s fitness. The two go together, if you feel good because of healthy eating then you perform better,’ he enthuses.

After all, the Office Package, from Fresh Fitness Food, promises foods that will be filled with nutrients that will help you to concentrate, maintain stamina, and boosts your digestion and immune system, that inevitably should lead to greater productivity and less sickies.

‘More companies are looking to create a health focused culture,’ says Jared Williams. ‘Employees today are the type of people who tend to be proactive when it comes to their health and wellbeing.

‘They are the sort of person who might take a photo of the avocado on toast they’re eating and post it on Instagram, and go to a fitness boot camp on a Sunday morning instead of a club. So they want their employers to listen to them when it comes to nutrition and health.’

Rick Miller spent several years in the National Health advising on nutrition in a number of specialities including orthopaedic and general surgery recovery as well as supporting athletes up to Olympic level. He now sees corporate and individual clients, and patients at the London day clinic Twenty-five Harley Street. Book an appointment with Rick Miller.

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