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Blood Test Special Offer

Want to make sure you’re in the peak of health? Sadly, it’s often a wait of three weeks to see your NHS GP. And when you’re there, they’ll often be constrained by budget before they can offer you the tests you need.

To celebrate the launch of Twenty-five Harley Street’s state-of-the art laboratory, prices have been reduced to enable you to test for issues which your NHS GP may not have the time or resources to help with.

If you’ve been feeling ill or run-down, these amazing offers will allow you to discover whether nutrient deficiencies, or hormonal imbalances are causing you problems.

Results are usually available within a day.

Our lab can test for a variety of vitamin deficiencies.

Test for Vitamin D deficiency

If you are deficient in vitamin D you may:

  • Have aches and pains
  • Suffer broken bones
  • Experience muscle weakness
  •  Feel a bit depressed

Test for Vitamin B12

If you are deficient in vitamin B12, you may feel:

  • Fatigue – no matter how much sleep you’ve had
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Muscle weakness
  • Pins and needles-type sensations
  • Poor memory
  • Feeling wobbly or off-kilter
  • You look pale – but it’s not anaemia
  • Your tongue loses its bumpy appearance, looking smooth

Test for Vitamin B9 (folate)

If you are deficient in B9, you may

  • Feel run down and constantly catch colds and viruses
  • Feel constantly fatigued
  • Suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ ME
  • Have digestive issues, feel bloated and/ or constipated
  • Suffer from anaemia
  • Experience a tender, sore-feeling tongue
  • Have sores around your mouth
  • Experience poor healing
  • Feel cranky and irritable
  • Look pale
  • In children, development problems may be evident
  • In adults, premature greying may be an issue

Test for Anaemia

Anaemia can occur when you are short of iron. Symptoms of an iron deficiency include:

  • Tiredness
  • Pale skin
  • Lack of energy
  • Feeling short of breath
  • Heart palpitations

Our anaemia test checks for Iron, Folate (B9) AND Ferritin. Ferritin is a protein that stores iron, releasing it when your body needs it. Why is a ferritin test so important? This measures the amount of stored iron in your body, which can give your doctor an overall picture of your iron levels.

Test for Thyroid Function

Thyroid problems can come in two guises – over-active  hyperthyroidism and under-active hypothyroidism. If you have an under-active thyroids, you’ll feel:

  • Forgetful
  • Suffer a low mood
  • Feel the cold easily
  • Put on weight
  • Get constipated
  • Feel ‘slow’ in the way you move and talk
  • Feel achey
  • Suffer cramps

If you have an over-active thyroid, you may:

  • Feel nervy and irritable
  • Suffer insomnia
  • Feel over-heated
  • Experience twitching
  • Have palpitations
  • Feel over-tired at times through nervous exhaustion
  • Lose weight
  • Develop a swelling in your neck

At Twenty-five Harley Street, we test for the following markers:

TSH Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

This hormone comes from the pituitary to stimulate the thyroid gland into making more thyroxine. TSH rises when the thyroid sluggish.

The reference range for this test is 0.35 -4.94 mIU/L

FT4 or Free T4

Thyroid hormones not bound to proteins. FT4 lowers when the thyroid is struggling.

The reference range for this test is 9.0 to 19.0 pmol/L

FT3 or Free T3

T4 converts to T3. This is the thyroid hormone that can actually be utilised by the body’s cells.

The reference range for this test is Free T3 is 2.6 -5.7 pmol/L

Test for Hormones

Hormone imbalances can cause different issues in men and women.

Testosterone deficiency in men causes:

  • Low libido
  • Tiredness
  • Erection problems
  • Low quality semen
  • Loss of hair on body
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Decreased bone mass

Testosterone deficiency in women causes:

  • Fatigue
  • Disturbed sleep
  • Lack of get-up-and-go
  • Excess weight
  • Low sex drive
  • Muscle weakness
  • Reduced bone density

Test for Oestradiol

Oestradiol is present in both men and women, but is particularly important for female function.

Oestradiol deficiency in women causes:

  • Menopausal symptoms
  • Hot flushes
  • Lack of menstrual periods
  • Lowering of bone density
  • Heightened risk of osteoporosis
  • A low sex drive
  • Dryness of the vagina
  • Pain during sexual intercourse